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Top 10 Candidate FAQs

It may be your first background screening, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Here are the answers to our top 10 candidate FAQs. We hope this helps to clear things up for you.

1. What Does A Background Check Reveal?

A background check typically verifies that the information you have provided your recruiter during the hiring process is factually correct.

It may also include public record checks, such as checks to confirm your identity, or to reveal reportable criminal records, adverse credit history, or adverse media coverage that may prevent you from being suitable
for the job (but it’s always up to the employer to decide that).

To find out exactly what your screening will cover before the process starts, speak to your recruiter.

2. How Far Back Do Background Checks Go?

Different recruiters request checks covering different time periods. A check may cover 6 years’ worth of address history (for an ID or credit check), 5 years’ employment history and all higher education qualifications, or it may just cover your previous employment (if that’s what your recruiter has requested).

To find out the full scope of your background check (before you’ve started it), speak with your recruiter about it.

3. How Can You Prepare For Your Background Check?

To prepare for your check, make sure that you have all the supporting documentation and information
required available.

This may include: your CV, your address history (6 years), a copy of your ID (passport or driving licence etc), proof of address (utility bill), education certificates, past employment details (payslips too if you have them), and anything else that your recruiter has advised that you may need to complete the process.

Take your time completing the information and check it for mistakes before you submit it to avoid any
unnecessary delays.

4. How Long Will My Background Check Take?

The duration of your background check will vary depending on your background and the different checks that are part of your recruiter’s screening package.

We verify information with a range of different sources so we rely heavily on their response times. Typical turnaround times in EMEA are 10-15 working days.

Regulated references, such as those required for FCA-regulated positions, typically take up to 6 weeks.

5. What Is A Sanctions or Watchlist Check?

A Sanctions check (sometimes known as a Watchlist check) is a specialised search that include a number of international, government or regulator sanction databases that identify individuals who could be found to be prohibited from certain activities or industries.

Sanctions checks may be performed by a wide range of employers and are often required in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services.

6. Will You Contact My Current Employer?

HireRight will never contact your current employer without your permission first. You will be asked if we can contact your current employer immediately, after a certain date, or not at all as part of the application form (and we will act accordingly).

7. What Do I Do If I Can’t Remember My Work History?

You may be able to find the missing information required on old payslips/ employment contacts, your CV (or an older version of your CV), your social media profiles (Facebook and LinkedIn), or you could contact your former employers to verify your previous employment details.

8. Tips For Speeding Up Your Background Check

The quickest way for you to get through your background check is to be honest, be accurate and be thorough with the information that you provide.

By providing all the appropriate supporting documentation and replying promptly to any requests for additional information from HireRight, you can help keep your screening process as short as possible.

9. Is There A Way To See Where I Am In The Background Check Process?

If you have any questions about the status of your background screening, you should get in touch with the recruiter. They will have live access to your screening and can give you an update on its progress.

10. Can I Get A Copy of My Background Report?

Get in touch with the recruiter who requested the screening to request a copy of your background report.

Download our Top 10 Candidate FAQs (pdf)